Acoustic & Product Noise Testing

Navcon engineers conduct specification tests (sound pressure, sound power, acoustic intensity) in accordance with ANSI, ISO, MSHA/OSHA, Commercial/Military and other standards and guidelines. Navcon test instrumentation is calibrated in accordance with, and is traceable to the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST), military (MIL-STD 45662) and manufacturer guidelines.  The test instrumentation is also portable allowing us to conduct tests at customer facilities and at remote sites. Navcon has a reverberation chamber for small product testing and access to an off-site semi-anechoic chamber.

A Semi Anechoic Chamber is design to be a echo free field.  The sound absorption on the walls and ceiling will absorb the sound propagating from the test item.  The acoustic chamber is used to:

  • Measurement of sound power level for a noise source
  • Testing and Calibration of sound devices and electro acoustic instruments (microphones, speakers, sirens)
  • Measurement of the radiation characteristics of a sound source
  • Psycho acoustic testing and sensing of audibility, hearing