Noise Model Peer Review
Navcon Engineering Noise Model Peer Review Services

Navcon Engineering Network provides peer review services for SoundPLAN Outdoor and Indoor noise models.

Over the past 20 years noise model peer reviews are getting more common.  In some cases RFQ's request that a list of companies are provide that could conduct a peer review. This trend is partly due to the standardization of prediction models, commercial software products, quality control, quality assurance procedures and anticipation of legal actions.  A peer review ensures that high engineering standards are achieved. 

The purpose of reviews is to examine the noise impact assessment work completed for the project, including the methodology, results, and conclusions, and outline any additional information which may be required for a complete assessment of the work done and the potential impacts

In other words the objective of the peer review is to ensure that the model was created for the intended use and that good engineering practice were followed.  This may include for example that the results are based on traceable standards or software codes.  The geometry and input data are consistent and provide the required information vital to the assessment of the noise study. 

Typical review tasks may include:

  • Check project coordinate system and model consistency
  • Review data organization and methodology
  • Noise source input characterization
  • Model standards and applied parameter
  • Review model assumption
  • Review validation, calibration and testing procedures
  • Result and model documentation
  • Result assessment - applied standards
  • Graphic output

Reviews of other noise models that were developed in other software products is possible.  The model data files need to be provided in a QSI format.

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