Vibration Consulting Services - Overview

Navcon engineers have a strong background in physics, mechanical design, digital data acquisition, vibration and nois

Space Shuttle Heat Shield
Space Shuttle Landing

Early space shuttles had over 24,000 tiles (later models have less) of which a significant number of so called "criti

Automotive Idle Noise

Navcon Engineering has provided consulting services for numerous auto manufacturers including Ford, General Motors, H

Structural Integrity of a Bridge

The California Department Transportation (CALTRANS) funded a research and development project to investigate methods

AIT-2 Modal Survey

In support of the Air Force Space and Missile System’s atmospheric interceptor technology program, Navcon Engineering

Space Craft Flight Vibration Problem

The Roton C-9 , the first fully reusable, single stage low orbit commercial space craft experienced a serious vibrati

Satellite TSX-5 Modal Survey
Space Test Research Vehicle-2 (TSX 5)

Navcon Engineering was contracted to conduct the TSX-5 Satellite Ground Vibration Test (GVT) including a Linearity St

HESSI Modal Survey FEM Verification

Navcon Engineering was contracted to conduct the modal survey of the High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (HESSI) s

Vibration Control - Tuned Damper
Tuned Damper Prediction

In a recent project, Navcon & Halvorsen engineers encountered a 18 Hz resonance problem in a Drive Motor System.

Vibration Table Modal Survey
Vibration Table - Operational Test

Navcon engineers conducted a dynamic characterization of an Environmental Stress Screening - Vibration Impact Table.